Short History

Before opening  Ms. International Lux Travel Group in 2017,  I have traveled extensively within the United States and  Internationally.  I love to learn about other cultures, meet people from different cultures,  and eat various ethnic cusines.  I've traveled to 17 countries including London, Paris, Belgium, Amsterdam, United Arab Emirates, India, South Africa, Aruba, Swaziland, Ghana, Senegal, Kenya, Jamaica, Canada, several other Caribbean Islands, and at half of the 50 U.S.  States.  When I traveled  to Dubai, London, Paris, Kenya, India, South Africa and California, I traveled solo due to not having a travel partner. I did not allow fear to discourage me from completing those solo journeys. 

 Ms. International Lux Travel Group was created based from my inspirations from the solo journeys. We want to encourage women and men to travel the world and live out their travel dreams. Life is not promised to any of us and let us help make your travel dream a reality.

Travel Agency

About Us

Ms. International Lux Travel Group is eager to assist you to make your travel dreams become a reality. Ms. International Lux Travel Group wants to encourage you to live your life out loud. 


Traveling will allow you to develop spiritually and most of all create great memories all over the world.   Ms. International Lux Travel Group specializes and will provide the following services:  trip planning, cultural group trips,  individual or group bookings for vacation packages/tours (airfare and accomodations) , all-inclusive/hotels/condos and tours.